How To Spring Break

If you’re like me then you’re probably not a big fan of giant crowds and alcohol, or maybe you aren’t like me and simply don’t want to break the bank during spring break. Either way I’m about to provide you with some fun ideas to keep in mind for your next spring break.

  1. Strawberry Picking – Who doesn’t love fresh picked fruit? Plus, it’s a great opportunity to spice up your Instagram feed.
  2. Nursery – If you don’t have a strawberry (or other fruit) field nearby you can stop by a local nursery instead. Flamingo Road Nursery was my choice this Spring Break, it was nice to enjoy the nature along with some fresh smoothies and great company!
  3. Cracker Barrel – A cute Country store with delicious affordable food, it’s hard not to enjoy yourself here. It’s a great place for a brunch date with friends or your significant other.spring break (1 of 1)9
  4. The Beach – Pack some sandwiches and water and carpool, even if it’s chilly don’t forget your sunscreen!
  5. Mini Golf – Bonus points if you bring along your competitive friends.
  6. The Pool – Sometimes the beach can be too busy or too far, snag a seat at a local pool instead!amandaaloy

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