The Perfect DIY Manicure

I’ve been doing my own nails since I was in middle school, so I’ve picked up a few tricks over the years that I’m going to share with you all right now! For the most part all of these tips and tricks are things that I’ve learned through my own experience.

A step that I’ve recently incorporated into my nail routine is a base coat to keep my nails from staining yellow. has a YouTube video that goes more in depth about base and top coats.

Getting a little bit of nail polish on your skin is inevitable, my best tip is to paint all 8 fingers with two coats while leaving your thumbs with no polish so that you can use them to clean up any mistakes. Once all 8 fingers are painted apply polish to your thumbs, allowing time for the first coat to dry before applying the second. Another cool trick is that you can smooth out any tiny mistakes in the polish by licking a finger and gently rubbing it over your mistake. Finally, apply a top coat to add shine, prevent chipping, and speed up drying time!cropped-cropped-amandaaloy1.png


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