Why You Need To Buy Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the beauty essential that you need right now. I first started using coconut oil a little over a year ago, it was something that I had heard about but I was iffy. Then, one of the girls in my class with beautiful shiny hair told me she used coconut oil when I asked how she prevented her hair from frizzing in the South Florida weather. I went home and started researching the beauty effects of it, then went to Walmart and bought two different types — refined and unrefined. I wouldn’t say that I regret buying the refined coconut oil because it worked just as well, however, it had a weird smell and when I put it in my hair I felt like it made me smell dirty. The unrefined coconut oil is great because it smells like coconut but not too strongly. It’s not a fake coconut smell, but rather a subtle natural one that you barely notice. The point is, buy some unrefined coconut oil and dedicate your life and soul to it.

When I first bought coconut oil I intended on using it only for my hair, but quickly I started to find more and more uses for it.

Here are all the ways I use my coconut oil…

  1. Conditioner. Coconut oil works great as a conditioner because it adds tons of moisture to your hair, but you have to be careful. I recommend no more than a dime sized amount when it comes to putting it in your hair because it is an oil and it can take your hair from soft and shiny to soft and stringy real fast. It’s interesting though because coconut oil can also be used as a shampoo, and while I won’t vouch for that I will admit that it never makes my hair feel dirty no matter how much I use.
  2. Deep Conditioner. Add as much to your hair as you want, making sure you cover every inch. Chill for as long as you want, I’m not gonna lie sometimes I’ll leave it in my hair for a whole day or two before I wash it out. When I do this I’ll usually put my hair in two french braids because as I mentioned before a large amount in your hair isn’t gonna look too cute.
  3. Anti-frizz. Just add a dime sized amount to damp hair, thank me later.
  4. Hair Gel. I used coconut oil as a hair gel the most during college football season when I had to make sure my game day ponytail was perfect and safe from South Florida humidity. I would take a bunch and run it over my hair, leaving out the hair that I would be curling for my ponytail. Then I would take a brush and brush my hair up into a ponytail and it was always so easy and painless. I also use this for everyday up-dos that I want looking slick. The coconut oil keeps your hair in place and prevents frizz, added bonus because you’ll be deep conditioning your hair the whole time instead of having a hard, sticky, and chemical based hair gel that’s gonna be flaking up.
  5. Shaving Cream. Or shaving oil? Either way it works great for shaving because it moisturizes your skin and results in a super soft finish.
  6. Exfoliating. I’m a huge fan of body scrubs, I started mixing sugar and coconut oil together and adding random little ingredients like Tea Tree Oil to help fight body breakouts and I’ve never been able to go back to other scrubs. Other scrubs are just too chemically and dry my skin out while the coconut oil body scrub is all natural and moisturizes my skin while getting rid of dead skin cells. 10/10 would definitely recommend.
  7. Makeup Remover. Girl, take a clump of coconut oil and rub it all over your face. You’re gonna look like a mess, then just wipe the coconut oil off with a tissue and you’re gonna see all the makeup come off with it. I do admit that you’ll have to do this about two or three times, but with other makeup removers I always found myself having to repeat two or three times before my tissues/wipes were coming back clean. What really got me committed to a coconut oil only routine was that even after my makeup removing wipes were coming back clean I would use my coconut oil at the end and it would pick up makeup that the makeup removers hadn’t. (Just for reference, I tried wipes and micellar water and all had the same results.)
  8. Lip Balm. A tiny amount if it’s daytime and I’m going somewhere, a larger amount when it’s nighttime and I’m heading to bed. The coconut oil is gonna make your lips super soft and you’ll definitely notice the change.
  9. Dry Spot Treatment. If you’re having pesky dry patches on your face just add a tiny bit of coconut oil to those spots. I also tend to apply a tiny amount all over my face after I use a harsh face mask or scrub.
  10. Tanning Oil. Some people claim coconut oil works as a sunblock, but in my FullSizeRender 4experience I’ll come back inside with a sunburn if I only use coconut oil, maybe I need to reapply more often. It does work really well as a tanning oil though and it’ll keep your skin from getting dry while you’re laying out in the sun. I bought a spray bottle from the $1 wall at Walmart and put some coconut oil in it. This makes it super easy to just throw in my bag when I’m heading the beach, it also makes it easy to just spray a little in my hand when I get out of the shower and need an anti-frizz. Speaking of hair again, I’ll also spray some coconut oil into my hair while I’m at the beach or pool and it keeps my hair tame and tangle free.

There’s plenty of uses for coconut oil, some examples would be as a cooking oil, teeth whitener, mouthwash, insect repellant, and much more. The uses above are just the ways I use coconut oil, and in my opinion the most effective uses for it. I’m not suggesting you use this stuff, I’m telling you right now to go out and buy some, it’s super cheap and lasts a really impressive amount of time. In a little over a year I’ve only bought three jars of it, and my sister and I both use the same jar on a daily basis.cropped-amandaaloy1.png


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