DIY Strawberry Pancake Topping

Pancakes and waffles are a necessary food group, don’t fight me on this, they’re good for the soul. Some people, like my dad, like to argue that pancakes aren’t a breakfast food because “they’re basically a cake and cake is dessert.” Yes, cake is dessert, but these are PANcakes, basically an acceptable form of dessert for breakfast or brunch. It doesn’t get much better than that… or does it?


I’ve always been a pancake fan, waffles not so much, but waffles still gained my respect. One of the best things about pancakes is that you can spice (or sweeten) them up as many different ways as you want. My favorite types of pancake are full of chocolate chips, drizzled with Nutella, or covered in fruit, and sometimes a plain basic syrup is too boring for a fun pancake like that.

That’s where this strawberry topping comes into play.

It’s so simple… but oh so satisfying. If you’ve ever made a strawberry shortcake from scratch, then you already know how this recipe works because if I’m being completely honest, that’s where I got the idea.

I was at my big sister’s house this week and we made some really bomb gluten free pancakes in this pancake griddle that she has. It’s actually a waffle maker that has a pancake attachment so our pancakes came out identical and it was a beautiful memory that I will cherish forever.

While the pancakes were beautiful, they were pretty plain for what I was craving. I grabbed a pack of strawberries from the fridge, sliced them up, put them in a bowl, and stirred in a few tablespoons of sugar. Then, I let them sit in the fridge while my sister and I got to pancake making. When the pancakes were done (it took us about 30 minutes because we were feeding 6 people) I took the strawberries out of the fridge, spooned them onto my pancakes and indulged.

Obviously the sugar added to the strawberries makes them nice and sweet, so even though there’s still that familiar tang that comes from strawberries there was no need to add syrup to my pancakes. By adding sugar and letting the strawberries sit in the fridge they get nice and juicy, and that juice is soaked up by the pancakes. You can add as much or as little sugar as you want, and you can leave them in the fridge longer for more juice, or shorter for less juice. Make this recipe your own and let me know how you like it, but definitely give it a try because I promise you it’s a MUST try!

Quote Of The Day

Live for the little things — like simple strawberry pancake toppings! 



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