How To Edit Your Instagram Pictures

Nowadays people have become really focused on creating an artsy Instagram aesthetic, but people are also quick to call out a picture that doesn’t seem right. You don’t need to Photoshop your pimples away or enlarge your butt to get some extra likes, all you need to do is adjust your lighting and exposure!

In one of my classes this semester my professor taught us how to use the Adobe program Lightroom, she explained it as basically the inspiration for Instagram’s filters. In Lightroom you can edit your pictures’ lighting, exposure, colors, and even add Lightroom filters. I started editing my pictures here, and now I can’t post a picture on Instagram without editing it first!

Here are some pictures that I edited using Lightroom along with their originals… 

I have an Iphone 7, so the pictures aren’t bad quality, but they also aren’t great quality and the lighting could be a lot better. The photos I edited of me in the yellow dress are my favorite, probably because of how vibrant I was able to make the color of the dress. To achieve these edits I simple adjusted the exposure, contrast, and vibrance of the photos, nothing else was edited! These photos aren’t lies, I know most of you have probably experienced feeling really good, but looking really bleh in a picture — you have to edit the lighting in a picture to make it a good picture!

While I started editing my pictures in Lightroom, it is a program that I pay $20 a month for. Personally, I wouldn’t be willing to pay that just to get some good Instagram photos, but I need the program for school anyway so I’ll be using it for Instagram as well to get the biggest bang for my buck. I also recognize that sometimes you want to post your pictures on Instagram as soon as possible, and Lightroom might make it impossible to do that.

This is where your Iphone comes into play.

My last few Instagram photos I actually edited on my Iphone instead of in Lightroom, I think that Lightroom gives a better result, but the Iphone still gets the job done.

Here are some of my Iphone edited pictures along with the originals…

In these pictures I basically did the same room but on my Iphone 7 instead! I auto-enhanced, then manually adjusted exposure, contrast, and brilliance (which I’m assuming is almost the same thing as Lightroom’s vibrance,) sometimes I might even adjust brightness and lighting.

Here’s how to do it…

First you’ll want to click this button here…


When the edit menu pops up you can click here to auto-enhance…


Then, click this icon to manually enhance…


The light option will come up, click that…


Then enhance the following, I even played around with Black Point for the first time!


Here’s my final Iphone edit along with the original:



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