Easter Bunny Cake

Growing up I have a lot of memories of arts and crafts with my mom, I was DIYing before I was even writing. One of my favorite memories is making easter cakes with my mom. My mom would always make my birthday party cakes because honestly, she’s really good at it, so why not make a cake to celebrate Easter too? Usually it would be a vanilla cake that we would shape into a bunny’s head. Then we would ice it and sprinkle coconut all over it — super easy way to get a cute furry texture! Then I would add jelly bean eyes and a jelly bean nose and my mom would pipe on a cute smile and whiskers.

The past few Easters my mom and I haven’t made any Easter cakes, probably because I grew up and stopped getting excited for it, but I’m almost 20 now and I requested an Easter cake once again! My mom was more than happy to agree, and this time she’s taking it up a notch, or at least she wanted to…

My mom was hoping for a carrot cake this Easter, but she couldn’t find a carrot cake mix at the store, and neither one of us has tried a carrot cake recipe. We decided to stick to vanilla just to keep it safe, but now I’m on a mission to make my mom a carrot cake from scratch because it’s her favorite! So if any of you know of any good reliable recipes please let me know so I can surprise my mom with one some day!

Here’s the making of our Easter Bunny Cake this year

By the way, I just want to add that there’s nothing wrong with getting younger as you get older. If you’re 20 and want to bake a bunny shaped cake with your mom (or little sister) then go right on ahead!

Quote Of The Day

Release your inner child & live a life full of happiness.



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