Sunny Summer Slushy Packed With Vitamin C

Yesterday I took my last final, meaning that today was my official start of Summer! What better way to spend it than by the pool? My little sister and I blew up a giant pegasus float and got to sun bathing, but I was missing something…

My initial craving was for a Pina Colada, but unfortunately we didn’t have any Pina Colada mix around, so I had to get creative. I immediately turned to the giant basket of tangerines in my kitchen, perfect because I’ve also been trying to eat healthier (gotta get that summer body in check.)

I grabbed some tangerines and got to peeling…

For this slushy you’re going to need three tangerines or oranges, ice, and some orange juice.

I forgot to take a picture until after I was already more than half way done 😔

Go ahead and peel two of the tangerines and drop them into a blender, then add some ice and get to blending. I prefer using crushed ice because it’s less work for the blender, then I blend on the “ice crush” setting. Finally, go ahead and squeeze just the juice from one tangerine into the mix, you can finish like this but you won’t get as much of an orangey taste so I recommend adding some orange juice as well.

This drink is great because it’s super cold and satisfying, perfect for drinking next to the pool, but it’s also full of vitamin C from the tangerines and orange juice which is a great antioxidant that your body needs! It also provides two to three servings of fruit, which fulfills your daily need!

After sipping this drink by the pool I started to think about adding Sprite to it to give it a little fizz, but I didn’t have any laying around. If any of you try this out please let me know how you liked it, especially if you added some Sprite to it!



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